Teaspoon & Pound Media

Teaspoon & Pound Media

Tatiana Bacchus, Owner/Senior Producer of Teaspoon & Pound Media, LLC, is an emerging independent filmmaker, who curates the ancestral wisdom of invisible characters by telling their untold stories.

Tatiana is currently working on her first feature length documentary, Freedom Denied, which posthumously tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Edvard Pierre’s near decade-long battle for political asylum in the United States, as told by the attorneys and community activists who fought for his freedom.

Her other project is: Ulrick

Haitian master painter Ulrick Jean-Pierre channels his ancestors and pours his soul onto the canvas with exacting detail and visceral impact. Ulrick introduces audiences to the artist, his prolific body of work and it’s significance to the story of Haiti and the Americas. Ulrick is a rallying cry to herald the coming of a master who has earned his place in the conversation of artistic excellence.

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