Marshall Law Band – The Hero's Journey Campaign

Marshall Law Band – The Hero's Journey Campaign

The Hero’s Journey Campaign is an ongoing project founded by rising Seattle Funk-Hop group know as the Marshall Law Band (MLB). The campaign focuses on creating hero’s in our own lives and community. The MLB aims to make an impact on a variety of issues including homelessness, mental health, youth mentorship and environmental awareness.

The members in Marshall Law Band are between the ages of 23-30 years old and aim to lead younger generations by being in action on making a contribution to them. The MLB spreads the Hero’s Journey message of hope and solidarity through their music and their growing platform.

For example the group spearheads peer-to-peer speaking engagements in schools and has an interactive in school program that has already had a successful beta test. The Hero’s Journey message was adapted into of Seattle’s first “Hip-Opera” so that the message could be conveyed in a entertaining relatable way for the youth.

Also video content shared through social media, press releases focused on their core values, printed literature, and merchandise embracing the Hero’s Journey message allows for contribution and self care to be the underlying theme of the Marshall Law Band brand.

A Hero’s Journey is collaborating with Cozy Connections, The Hold Your Crown Campaign, Neumos and other national and regional non-profit organizations and government offices.

See their video on KIRO 7 to view coverage of the last event MLB created.

A Fiscally Sponsored Project of the Allied Arts Foundation