Marcia Marcus: Art in the Family

Marcia Marcus: Art in the Family

Marcia Marcus: Art in the Family is a feature-length documentary film which explores the life of an artist working during the fertile decades of post-war America, the beginnings of performance art in the 1960’s, through the Feminist Art Movement of the 1970s and beyond.


In the 1950s, Marcia Marcus forged an art career among New York’s male dominated Abstract Expressionists. By the 1960s, her unique figurative works appeared in Cosmopolitan, Life and Esquire magazine and were held in several prestigious collections including the Whitney and Smithsonian. In this film, period photographs, press coverage, the artist herself, family and friends build a vivid narrative. Clever use of a 1975 audio interview, draws the viewer into the world of Marcus’ oeuvre. The director mirrors the artist’s forward facing portraits, collage and photorealism, highlighting full color works in totality as well as in symbolic detail. A rare 16mm film circa 1964 gives a glimpse of her studio and family. Significant landscapes and gallery openings are shown desaturated or black and white. An intimate gallery experience is married with diverse music reflecting the cultural milieu of each decade. A greater understanding of the critical role of women artists during the post-war cultural boom is realized. The project is currently in post-production.


Director, Kate Prendergast, was raised in the art world. She has a clear vision, and a good eye. Prendergast has participated in numerous panel discussions about art, feminism and storytelling. Consulting Director, Maria Giese is an American feature film director and screenwriter, Directors Guild of America member, lecturer, writer, and activist for parity for women directors in Hollywood.

A Fiscally Sponsored Project of the Allied Arts Foundation