2022 High School Arts Awards

Digital Painting of Art Student Receiving an Award
Founded in 1997 to honor Allied Arts Foundation founder and past president Robert J. Block (1922 -1996), these awards recognize and support excellence in the arts in Seattle high schools. Three awards are given in each of Seattle’s 16 public high schools (48 awards per year) in the genres of Visual, Theatrical, Musical, and Literary Arts.

Awards Committee

  • Carey Page, Chair
  • David Cruse Beal
  • Judy Cruse Beal
  • Kenan Block
  • Patricia Clark
  • Brooks Kolb
  • Lara Lavi

Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake

Nominations from Eve Levasseur, Guidance Counselor

Leilani Keodara, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

Leilani Keodara Lele created a portrait of Alicia Keys for Black History Month Display among many other amazing paintings and drawings in Art this year. She chose Alica Keys as an inspirational musician whose music inspired her growing up.

Tyrone J “TJ” Washington Jr., Grade 12 – Literary and Performing Arts

Tyrone J “TJ” Washington Jr I'd like to include TJ in the nominees for his poem "Nobody Ever Told me". He worked hard and his poem was felt by the audience.

Khanihja Lewis, Grade 10 – Literary Arts

Khanihja Lewis Nijha wrote some amazing poetry during our Writers in the Schools workshop including this poem. She was inspired by our class field trip visit to The Unspoken Truths exhibit at King Street Station.

Ballard High School

Nominations from Carol Bristol, Counseling Secretary

Sarah Warshaw, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

Sarah Warshaw is an incredible student and has been instrumental in bringing the BHS Theater Dept. back from the dead after the COVID Pandemic. She has served as the stage manager for both Beauty and the Beast and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and also assisted in taking charge of the 6th period Advanced Tech Theater class in building the set for the musical. Without Sarah we would still be struggling to get back on track this year.

Kat Moen, Grade 12 – Music

Kat is involved in all things music at Ballard High School. She is our lead alto saxophone player in the jazz band, plays flute in Wind Ensemble, played flute and piccolo in our school music production of Beauty and the Beast, and serves in a leadership role as the drum major for the marching band. Specifically during the pandemic, Kat was instrumental in helping to create community amongst the Ballard band students, and worked tirelessly to ensure that band traditions continued during this time of transition. Kat is a section leader in Wind Ensemble, and is always helpful to those in her section and throughout the band. She is always focused and on point in rehearsal, and is a model music student.

James Brammer, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

James Brammer James Brammer has shown exceptional drive and talent for film production since his freshman year. He won a national student Emmy award for his sound work on One Minute to Midnight, (which he also wrote) in his sophomore year, and now he is directing a very ambitious 30 minute short film, for which he is drawing on the talents of many in the film program, and outside the program.

Chief Sealth International High School

Nominations from Carolyn Autenrieth, Visual Arts Teacher

Mei Li Babuca, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

During her time in the 2 yr IB course, Mei Li has consistently pursued and developed ideas for art in a thoughtful and challenging manner. Her work weaves whimsy and fantasy with historical and contemporary connections to create works that engage the imagination. She has grown in confidence and introspection, refining and pursuing new media, while remaining reflective through challenges and constructive input. She has the ability to visualize complex ideas incorporating technical aspects, point of view, and is able to realize these in her work. As part of the IB curriculum, she pursued her Extended Essay in the field of visual arts/fashion, diving into a challenging and provocative subject relevant in today’s world. Mei Li hopes to pursue further work in the arts, considering Costume Design as one area of study.

Madeline Slota, Grade 12 – Music

Recently, since joining choir, she has grown into a musical leader by spending extra time outside of class to learn her music, willingly leading sectionals, class warm-ups, and even rehearsals on days that her choir director happens to be out of the building. She has a stunning voice that easily carries through the ensemble and is the voice that many students listen to when blending their sound into the choir. She has been taking private voice lessons and has been accepted into Pacific University’s Music in May Festival, where she will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with an honor choir of 300 students from around the Pacific Northwest. She has also been accepted into the University of Redlands Bachelor of Music program where she will pursue a double major in Vocal Performance and Music Education. She has been such a valuable member of this ensemble and the music program the past four years, and I am so honored to award The Block Award to Madeline Slota.

Cleveland STEM High School

Nominations from Chloe Kimiai, School Counselor

Duke Kekuna, Grade 12 – Visual Arts: Video Production

Duke has shown exceptional skill at both camera and video editing. He has produced amazing work for our school news broadcast "Vantage Point" as well as additional videos for the CHS Open House, our Eagle Drumline and our Cleveland Baseball Team. He always goes above and beyond.

Lilian Brownlee, Grade 12 – Music

Lilian Brownlee is a senior who is headed to college next year to study costume design and theatre/film arts. She has been one of the most reliable students our band has ever had and she is an incredibly talented flute player. I have every confidence that she will go on to do great things in the arts.”

Kathy Hua, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

Kathy has demonstrated exceptional skill in Visual Arts through drawings she has created!

Franklin High School

Nominations from John Dunkerley, Arts Instructor

Mai Linh Wong, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

Mai Mai has taken classes in almost every arts discipline offered at FHS. She created a fine arts portfolio as a junior, was shown at multiple district level arts shows, made an amazing video diary explaining her artwork about anti-Asian violence awareness that made the final edit for the district’s online Naramore show, and just is an all around curious, thoughtful, hard-working, talented, well-rounded art student, fully deserving of commendation!

Celina Tran, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

In the theater there are many hard working, dedicated students that put in a significant amount of their time and energy into creating a performing arts department that is vibrant, thriving, and a welcoming environment for our students. Art is creative and community building, it shows us our strengths and weaknesses and lifts us up to greater heights of compassion and understanding. This years block award winner for the performing theatrical arts is someone who embodies all of those traits and makes Franklin a better place because of their efforts. Celina Tran is a senior who participated in many shows, short films, drama club events, after school and online events by representing the diligent, creative spirit of a Quaker who understands that art affects us all differently but always inclusively.

Jianfeng Liang, Grade 12 – Music

Jianfeng Liang Jianfeng has been such a joyful addition to every music class he has participated in. In the two years that I have been teaching at Franklin he has taken Percussion, Choir, and Piano and he has excelled and shone in each of those musical spaces. His attitude has always been one that not only pushes him to succeed but also inspires those around him to contribute their best. I have been so lucky to see his passion and talent in so many different musical arenas and I am excited to see all that he continues to achieve beyond high school!

Garfield High School

Nominations from Anita West, Art Instructor

Noah Jensen, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

Noah is a dedicated artist. He exhibits a clear artistic voice in his art pieces and creates interesting and beautiful pieces.

Elena Vasquez, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

Elena has unique and interesting designs for each of her art projects. She has created wonderful pieces in both Ceramics and Drawing & Painting.

Le Qi Huang, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

Le Qi Huang Le Qi puts extra effort into all her art pieces and the results of her hard work are excellent artworks. Le Qi has strong drawing skills.

Ingraham High School

Nominations from Angie Allemand, School Counselor

Alex Foglio, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

Last year, Alex was super invested into online IB Art. Alex made excellent work and also did a great job checking in and advocating for themselves and others.

Laina Goss, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

Laina Goss has been a member of the theater program as a costumer for the past three years. She has raised the bar for us in terms of costuming design and construction. Her renderings are beautiful and have inspired the entire costume class. She has taken great pride in the costumes that she builds for the productions and we have all been completely blown away at how everything comes together on stage. She has raised the bar for the theater costuming community and we are better for having had her on our team.

Gus Lempriere, Grade 12 – Music

Gus Lempriere Gus has been an outstanding member of the Music program for the entirety of his career at Ingraham. During that time he has performed with the Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Orchestra and Pit Orchestra. His outstanding musicianship and positive spirit are always a highlight of rehearsals and performance. Gus has qualified for the state solo competition on solo trombone several times, as well as qualifying with his trombone quartet. He also holds the distinction of the only perfect 7 in IB music at Ingraham. Congratulations Gus!

Lincoln High School

Nominations from Aimee Mell, choir director and Mark Moody, Photography Teacher

Nicole Café, Grade 12 – Music

Nicole Café has shown outstanding dedication to music programs at three different Seattle Public Schools participating in choir, vocal jazz, musicals and orchestra. She has shown leadership in choir as well as outstanding musicianship. Her upbeat attitude and work ethic have had a positive impact on other students within growing programs.

Liam Stevenson, Grade 12 – Literary Arts

Liam constructed high level, thought-provoking writing throughout the year. In particular, his Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Your Brakes was an exceptionally creative and thorough project indicative of his critical thinking and strengths both in and out the classroom.

Emily Schultz, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

Emily Schultz Emily’s work is consistently creative and thoughtful. Emily shows a deep understanding of the camera, has an eye for beauty in every-day objects, and has the necessary skills & tenacity to design and execute professionally works of art.

Nathan Hale High School

Nominations from Erin Shafkind, art teacher

Ruth Bailey-Fogarty, Grade 12 – Music & Theater

Ruth is a standout student in both music and theater. Throughout her years at Hale, Ruth has been involved in Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz as a singer and pianist, play productions, and she is wrapping up her senior year starring in the musical. Ruth is a dedicated and thoughtful member of the performing arts community, always working with the best interests of the whole ensemble in mind. She is an artistic risk-taker and a role model to her peers. Ruth will be studying acting at Bennington College in Vermont and has a bright future on the stage.

Sally Hoy, Grade 12 – Visual Art

Sally Hoy is an amazingly creative person in visual art. She goes above and beyond with her creations in both 2-D art, digital and with hands on materials and she creates 3-D work as well. She is constantly making. She reinterprets pop culture all around her and always has stories to tell with her creations.

Celestine Caplan, Grade 12 – Visual and Performing Arts

Celestine Caplan has vision and much potential in regard to visual and performing arts including photography, film, ceramics, theatre and drawing/painting. Cel has taken art and design courses, beginning and advanced ceramics and also beg and adv. Photography. She’s been the co-lead for the photography club and for Art for All at Hale. Cel has been working on creative ideas through all 4 years of high school at Hale and hopes to study filmmaking at Skidmore College

Charlotte Sullivan, Grade 12 – Theater

Charlotte is a dedicated and talented young artist. Concerning Charlotte’s character, she is thoughtful, diligent, and visionary. A shining example of her skills as an artist and as a leader are her two years as our theatre troupe Vice President and Secretary. She was intimidated by the organizational skills she needed in those positions, but that did not stop her. Instead, she thrived and found systems that truly helped the rest of her team and our theatre department succeed. Charlotte is someone who not only cares deeply about the people that she works with, but also about the quality of the process and product on which she is working. She is honest and reliable.

Nova High School

Nominations from Becky Laird, teacher

Phoenix Wallace, Grade 12 – Visual & Performing Arts

Phoenix has engaged the community with their painted murals in various locations around Seattle. They've frequently combined their passions for art and justice in their organizing work with Y-WE (Young Women Empowered) and Nikkita Oliver, and have facilitated workshops at Nova on the history, artistry, policing, and cultural appropriation of Black hair.

Alaya Whitmore, Grade 12 – Literary Arts

Alaya’s artistic vision is incredible and unique. They are crocheting plastic bags into wildly creative clothing for their senior project on sustainable fashion, as well as bringing their talents to the crochet coral reef and to the animation open portal.

Syd Walter, Grade 12 – Literary Arts

Syd has taken their love for literature and shared it with the Nova community in truly impactful ways. This semester they are teaching a course that incorporates letters written by seminal writers, including Black feminist Audre Lorde. Syd follows her interests into the community, engaging with entertaining local “celebrities,” such as GoodSpace Guy. Syd has a gift when it comes to including others in their joyous appreciation for literary arts.

Rainier Beach High School

Nominations from Aaron Jefferson Ceramics Teacher & Arts Department Chair

Arlo Wallis Bond Grade 11 – Music

Outstanding leadership and contribution to the music department

Thomas Foster, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

Created and captained RBHS dance team.

Jesus “Beto” Moreno, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

A thoughtful and creative student who works everyday to improve his ceramic skills.

Roosevelt High School

Nominations from Carrie Richard, School Counselor/Scholarship Coordinator

Marcelus Dacanay Grade 12 – Music

Marcelus Dacanay is the epitome of an outstanding Roosevelt music student. He is an excellent musician, playing guitar and clarinet. He is hard-working, dedicated to multiple ensembles. Maco always helps his peers and his teachers, going above and beyond what is asked. He has led Tri-M, our student chapter of the Music Honors Society. He has served as music librarian and on choir council. Maco is positive and polite in his interactions with everyone in our department.

Isabella Mansfield, Grade 12 – Visual Arts

Isabella is a reflective student who connects context with her artistic process. She is willing to delve deeply into exploration, where creativity and ideas build and develop into finished work. Her work is outstanding and demonstrates excellence in her knowledge of process and content. Isabella is acutely aware of how history intersects art. There is a profound dedication to the way her work unfolds and connects the personal to the universal. She sees art as communication to help us see beyond and connect us to our compassion .

Eloise Maguire, Grade 12 – Theater

We selected Eloise for her leadership as President of the Roosevelt Thespian Troupe, her extraordinary work as Donna anchoring our production of Mamma Mia, and for her commitment to experiencing as many different theater courses possible which expanded her knowledge and appreciation of theater arts.

Seattle World School

Nominations from Gregory Starr, Teacher

Shakhzoda Botirova, Grade 12 – Music

Shakhzoda has consistently demonstrated excellence in musical performance and interpretation. She has gone above and beyond my expectations consistently and always shows motivation to learn more!

Francisco Martinez Garcia, Grade 11 – Visual Arts

Francisco has impressed me with his innate art ability, and is intrinsically motivated to do art independently. He is especially gifted in the areas of drawing and painting. His bold style distinguishes him, and he often invents his own techniques that he then shares with other students. He is a joy to teach.

Johanna Michelle Lopez, Grade 11 – Literary Arts

Johanna Michelle Lopez Michelle’s creativity, intellect, and personality shine through her writing. Each time I read her work, from poetry to essays, I am astounded by her voice. She is personal, descriptive, and provides deep thinking.

The Center School

Nominations from Michele Hayes, School Counselor

Anahi Jimenez Chmielowski, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

Anahi Jimenez Chmielowski

She is a talented young person who is a triple threat. She is a visionary with her ideas, diligent with her process and prolific as an artist. Anahi is an outstanding performance artist, a gifted visual artist, an ASB leader, and her academics are impeccable.

Alex Lichtenhan, Grade 12 – Performing Arts

Alex Lichtenhan

Alex has performed leading roles in theater productions for the last 3 year at The Center School. He is captivating on stage, in films and in everyday life. He acts, sings, dances, and has an interest in lighting design.

Ruson Summerquist, Grade 10 – Visual and Performing Arts

Ruson Summerquist Ruson has a passion for dance and movement, and has emerged as a quiet leader in both theater and dance class. Ruson manages to infuse art into all areas of his academics, and encourages his peers' creativity through modeling and supporting their artistic endeavors.

West Seattle High School

Nominations from Mallory Neuman, School Counselor

Miles Braymer, Grade 12 – Visual Art

I’m so proud of Miles Braymer. I’ve known Miles for 4 years now and have watched him constantly work on his art. He is self-taught in many ways- using the internet to help tutor him with animation because we don’t offer animation at our school. Miles works hard for every step he has taken as an artist and is an excellent example of what determination can do. Miles has worked through my beginning/ advanced and AP courses developing his skills in class and out. He has recently submitted a portfolio to Digipen design school and hopes to be accepted there as an animation student. – from his art teacher, Michelle Sloan

Cali Burton, Grade 12 – Visual Art

Cali Burton has been wonderful to work with and watch grow in her artistic abilities! Her work for Photography placed Second in the People category for the Washington State High School Photography Competition, and in general her work has had a level of maturity and skill far beyond her years. Cannot wait to see what her future holds! - from her art teacher, Kelli Perletti

Nikhil Chhagan, Grade 12 — Visual Arts

Nick Piraino, Grade 12 – Music Nick Piraino has been an exceptional and dedicated student in the music program the last 4 years. As a member of our jazz ensembles, he has emerged as one of our strongest members leading us to many successful performances throughout our region. He is always willing to accompany our band and choir performances when piano parts are called for and has been a crucial participant in the pit orchestra supporting the combined Music and Drama department Spring musicals. – from his band teacher, Ethan Thomas

The Alice Rooney Award

Founded in 2019, our Alice Rooney Award for Excellence in the Art annually honors one outstanding artist from Ballard High School. This award celebrates the life of Alice Rooney (1926-2019), a longtime leader at Allied Arts Foundation, as well as a prominent arts activist, art school administrator, architectural preservationist, and philanthropic advisor. Her tenacious advocacy for the arts and her good humor are dearly missed in the arts community.

Lainee Hatch, Grade 12 – Literary Arts

Lainee Hatch

Lainee Hatch is a prolific writer and talented storyteller!