Allied Arts Foundation Programs

The Allied Arts Foundation provides annual grants to artists working in diverse disciplines, awards high school art students in the Seattle area with more than $10,000 in prize money, and fiscally sponsors dozens of cultural projects througout the USA.

High School Art Awards

The Robert J. Block Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Honoring and recognizing artists in each of Seattle’s 16 public high schools.

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Artist Grant

Allied Arts Foundation provides $15,000 in grant annually funding for artists living and working in Washington State. Our 2022 Awards will be awarded to artists working in Crafts.

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Poetry Prize

Allied Arts Foundation is proud to partner with Floating Bridge Press, renowned for their award winning poetry chapbooks, anthologies, and full length poetry books. Our annual Poetry Award provides $250 to an outstanding single poem submitted to the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Competition.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Allied Arts Foundation's Fiscal Sponsorship program provides 501(c)(3) alignment for mission-aligned cultural projects so that donors may receive a tax deduction for their support.

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